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Why Touch ID is a Disadvantage for iPhone 5S?

Why Touch ID is a Disadvantage for iPhone 5S?

Sep 12, 2013

We just got all details about iPhone 5S with full features, specifications and the price. The most impressive feature is that Touch ID which is very new on Apple but not new when you compare with other Smartphones which has Finger print technology already.Today Apple revealed more information about iPhone 5S Touch ID and there are many disadvantages with it.


Spokesperson revealed more information for the questions been unanswered since the Apple event such as What is hackers hack your Finger print? the scanner doesn’t actually store your fingerprint anywhere else, instead it collects the fingerprint data and its encrypted , stored on the A7 chip, which makes it very secure.
What if someone cracks my iPhone Chip? they wouldn’t be able to use the data to create an actual fingerprint.
But still we have got more information which makes the Touch ID to step backward.. which are as follows..
When you don’t unlock your iPhone 5S for 48 Hours , Touch ID Data which is stored on your A7 Chip will be erased completely , the same situation happens when you Reboot your iPhone , which is not an easier way at all because Touch ID can be used to unlock your iPhone 5S , purchase apps and more. Also Apple states that Multiple fingerprint can support which means its not that only one user can access the iPhone 5S even your dear and near ones can. LB_8444


Since the iPhone came up a user cannot use the iPhone with Wet fingers or by wearing gloves , the same problem we face here now as you cannot use Touch ID with Wet fingers or with any improper Fingerprints.
Touch ID really means a lot and a alternative way without entering your passcode everytime, which is easier way to unlock your iPhone or to purchase apps without entering your Passcode. but what if you don’t reboot your iPhone for a week or so , or even you use your iPhone everyday? There are many possibilities that user can forget their Passcode which may bring you into a serious problem by pushing you not to unlock your iPhone and the only possibility is to Restore your iOS where no one want to do it unless you get such kind of problems..
Apple should bring an extra feature where you can unlock your iPhone with Face recognition , but still there are many possibility that anyone can Unlock your iPhone without your presence.
Apple says, Touch ID is the most secure way to unlock your iPhone , but i don’t think that way at all.. What is your opinion about it? let us know in the comments section below.
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